About AGS

Asia Global Shipping Group Of Companies ( AGS )  is a privately owned company established under the laws of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA), our  registration license number is 73083

AGS ware established in Afghanistan in 2006 and already enjoys a reputation as one of the country’s leading logistics companies. Privately held and headquartered in Kabul the company operates an extensive network of freight forwarding and brokerage services, international and domestic air, nationwide transportation services, public and contract warehousing facilities.

AGS logistics is a global logistics company providing integrated transportation solutions to a wide array of customers, with offices nationwide and strategically located warehouse and distribution centers throughout Afghanistan.

AGS is well positioned to accommodate your shipping needs. 0ur agency network extends worldwide. AGS’S diverse customer base ranges from high end blue chip businesses to exporters of general commodities such as fuel, paper, and lumber.

AGS’s International Logistics reputation is founded on its people, whose knowledge, commitment, and dedication are inherent in our everyday business practices. Combining a flexible and efficient information system together with ht qualities of our staff and the loyalty of our customers continues to be the formula for our success, AGS International Logistics offers a proud tradition of innovative logistics solution, tailored quality services and leading edge technologies delivered everyday by the best professionals in the business. AGS International Logistics recognizes that our people ate our greatest asset. Our foundation is based on the integrity of our people, whose passion and commitment is to service our customers.

AGS has a proven track record in our industry. We do not just talk about solutions-we provide customers solutions! Our dedicated staff offers the level of understanding of the company’s logistics needs that is critical to ensure success. It is this business intelligence coupled with the commitment to deliver expedited international and domestic transportation that sets us apart. Our Regulatory and Compliance Services will enhance your operation by continuing to keep you and your team abreast
and compliant with relevant regulations.

Our company is guided by a desire for a safer, market-based and democratic future in Afghanistan, and is committed to ensuring-investment in Afghanistan and the surrounding regions.

AGS the owner of this company belongs to the most reputable  Families of Afghanistan and is the owner of other companies listed below
B  AGS Constriction & procurement
C  AGS Shipping - Freight  & Logistics


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AGS Group of Companies

Address: Charahi Shaheed Shahre Nau Kabul

Mobile: 0093 77 821 57 22

Email: kamali@agsgroup.af

Air Frieght & Local Transportation

At AGS, we strive to provide the best transportation solutions possible. From the ancient time truck movement attracted the attention of traders and businessmen due to shorter transit time.

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AGS Oil & Gas

AGS OIL & GAS was founded in 2005 as an outgrowth of capabilities and response to strong market demand for fuels in Afghanistan’s rapidly developing economy.

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Ware house & Export

AGS offers storage facilities at key destinations in the Afghanistan Pakistan - Iran - Dubai and Holland,Our warehouses are among the safest places to deposit your goods...

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